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Saint James Online Campaign

The online campaign for Saint James commercials created by SYSPLEX Film were launched by Kreativ Kontroll in the end of 2014 and 2015. We have applied two solutions for popularizing the commercials. The more significant part was insuring the success of the YouTube video campaign, which has achieved outstanding results. The overall number of appearances […]

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The premiere of Banned Music

Production company, Sysplex Film and its co-production partner, Global Tribe Film held the premiere of their latest short film, Banned Music on 18 November, 2014. The 15-minute movie was directed by Zoltan Fecso and Peter Deak, with cinamatographer Balazs Doboczi and main actors Mate Haumann and Alexis Latham. Over 200 invited guests came to see […]

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Shooting of the Banned Music

A breathtaking shortfilm set in the communism of the 50s. In a Communist country in the 1950s listening to music is banned. One man braves to confront the police when dobbed in for listening music in his home – but eventually his bravery is crushed and he is dragged into a police car cuffed, his […]

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