Shooting of the Banned Music

A breathtaking shortfilm set in the communism of the 50s.

In a Communist country in the 1950s listening to music is banned. One man braves to confront the police when dobbed in for listening music in his home – but eventually his bravery is crushed and he is dragged into a police car cuffed, his gramophone record as well as his bones broken. However, he finds inspiration from an unlikely source: he hears the powerful tune of the opera aria Nessun Dorma in his head and his spirit turns defeat into victory.

Tiltott zene

Before the first shooting day, quite a few had perceived the importance of the sentence Zoltan Fecso, creator-co-director of the film said: “Some of us lived through it, some of us learnt it!” Zoltan used years and years of his memories, therefore the story and its impact meant something much different to the other co-director, Peter Deak. Zoltan was forced to emigrate due to the period before the change in regime, and although Peter’s family also suffered the strikes of communism, for him this era is mostly known from history books.

These two aspects and knowledges worked together to make the short film Banned Music a special tableau expressing emotional powers, which will grant interest, lesson and excitment for all generations.

Banned Music depicts that there was an era in Hungary when liberty was just a dream, however the ban mentioned in the title never actually existed, this kind of thinking was quite close to the attitude of the power that time.

Banned_Music_shooting_wm_011The people listened to Radio for Free Europe in secret, just like the main character does to the Puccini record; the flow of Western music was banned so the people lived in a closed, fearful world.

Banned Music is based on the reality, and the creators were aware of the importance of each and every scene. On the first and second day the crew made the internal shots, and although it seemed the easiest part, they had to overcome a lot of obstacles. On the second day, packing was hindered by a car commercial being shot in the same street, but by the end of the day everyone was contented.

Banned_Music_shooting_wm_023Mate and Alexis played excellently, and even Gabor in his first movie role caught up with the film. No wonder, as Gabor said, it is always easier and more exciting to play the bad guy.

The night shots unfortunately took longer than expected due to packing difficulties which was pretty much missed in the night externals shooting in the freezing cold…! By then noone cold deny how tired they were and incredible forces had to be restructured: on the coldest night in the winter, at 18 degrees below even the walkie-talkies gave up the fight.
The weather affected everyone, but probably this is why these shots seem so powerful and true. The actors were obviously exhausted and uncomforted.
At the moment the sound of the last slate silenced, the whole crew stopped for a second and the creators lived through the fantastic feeling that a filmmaker only feels when one of the largest parts of a movie had been done.

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