• Tiltott zene

    Banned Music

    In a Communist country in the 1950s listening to music is banned. One man braves to confront the police when dobbed in for listening music in his home – but eventually his bravery is crushed and he is dragged into a police car cuffed, his gramophone record as well as his bones broken. However, he finds inspiration from an unlikely source: he hears the powerful tune of the opera aria Nessun Dorma in his head and his spirit turns defeat into victory.

  • rush_plakat_v4

    RUSH – short film

    Roach is an undercover policeman who has infiltrated a gang for years. He falls in love with the crime boss’s girlfriend. He’s plan is to double cross both the crime boss and the police, take the money and escape with the girl. But there’s only one thing is more difficult than getting in the club: getting out.

  • Choice-still_003

    Choice – 3D short film

    An epic fiction about the women’s decision process. They know the secret: „You always have a choice. Even if the decision has been made.”
    SYSPLEX Film and SPARKS proudly presents Choice, the first Hungarian 3D short movie which was shot with professional industrial stereoscopic instruments.

  • 621842_506835022664553_1738912951_o

    Split Perfect

    Short film. Two couples split up the very same night, in the very same bar, to the film noir mood set by the smooth jazz. Adam leaves the woman of his life, while Eve leaves the man of her life and they both cite the same reasons. Word for word.

  • ejfel-still10


    short film