• depe
  • Peter Deak
    Co-CEO, producer, director
  • Director of several commercials and shortfilms, producer of numerous feature films and documentaries. Studied at New York Film Academy, as co-founder of SYSPLEX Group has taken part in nearly 30 productions.

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  • Zsolt Fekete
    Producer, Line-producer
  • Worked in several television productions as showrunner, produced the famous documentary STRONG (aka. A Hópárduc Talpra áll), production manager of several TV and internet commercials.

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  • Zoltan Fecso
    Creative Producer, Head of Development
  • Hungarian-born filmmaker who has worked in the film and television industry in Hungary, Australia and the USA in various roles. Director of the Austrailian feature film Rooms for rent.

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  • Dóra Szűcs
    Producer, director
  • Producer of the successful Hungarian Comedy Intimate Headshot, Director of the comedy-webse High and the TV series With Love, from Holywood

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