Low cost, high expertise

Sysplex Film is a production company based in Hungary, producing feature films and documentaries suitable for international distribution, and offering comprehensive solutions from the early stage of development until as far as distribution.

Sysplex Film was established to create high-quality, globally marketable feature films related to Hungary (at least as shooting location) independently or in coproduction. We are in close contact with the best representatives of the film business, such as renowned filmmakers, producers, talent agents, actors/actresses, production companies and private investors of the region.

Priority genres:

  • thriller, action, horror


  • 0,5-5 million USD

Target market:

  • international distribution, Theatrical, TV, VOD, DVD/BluRay

Figures of ROI:

  • Sysplex Film always subjects the plans under development to thorough analyses, which show acceptable figures of return. We examine the screenplay (topic should be globally comprehensible and the basic story marketable); the production budget (cheap Hungarian workforce, gorgeous shooting circumstances and 25% state support); and also the possible income figures (we make so called sales projections: genre statistics and forecasts with the help of distributors.)

All this is perfectly illustrated by our latest film project which we have sold to several countries well before starting the shooting.

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