Banned Music

Tiltott zene

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In a Communist country in the 1950s listening to music is banned. One man braves to confront the police when dobbed in for listening music in his home - but eventually his bravery is crushed and he is dragged into a police car cuffed, his gramophone record as well as his bones broken. However, he finds inspiration from an unlikely source: he hears the powerful tune of the opera aria Nessun Dorma in his head and his spirit turns defeat into victory.


Making of

Bannes Music  Short film
producer Peter Deak & Zoltan Fecso
production company SYSPLEX Film & Global Tribe Films
Camera SYSPLEX Media
Post-Production SYSPLEX Media
type short film
running time 15 mins
languages English
Cast/Crew Name
director Peter Deak & Zoltan Fecso
producer Peter Deak & Zoltan Fecso
D.o.P. Balazs Doboczi H.S.C.
associate producer Ildiko Palovits
line producer Zsolt Fekete
starring Mate Haumann, Alexis Latham, Gabor Harold Csapo
music composer Arthur Valentin Grosz