Banned Music

Tiltott zene

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In a Communist country in the 1950s listening to music is banned. One man braves to confront the police when dobbed in for listening music in his home - but eventually his bravery is crushed and he is dragged into a police car cuffed, his gramophone record as well as his bones broken. However, he finds inspiration from an unlikely source: he hears the powerful tune of the opera aria Nessun Dorma in his head and his spirit turns defeat into victory.


Making of

Bannes Music  Short film
producer Peter Deak & Zoltan Fecso
production company SYSPLEX Film & Global Tribe Films
Camera SYSPLEX Media
Post-Production SYSPLEX Media
type short film
running time 15 mins
languages English
Cast/Crew Name
director Peter Deak & Zoltan Fecso
producer Peter Deak & Zoltan Fecso
D.o.P. Balazs Doboczi H.S.C.
associate producer Ildiko Palovits
line producer Zsolt Fekete
starring Mate Haumann, Alexis Latham, Gabor Harold Csapo
music composer Arthur Valentin Grosz
colorist, graphic designer Bianka Rozgonyi