Blood and High Heels


The movie presents the first three workdays of a secretary during the ongoing economic crisis. Rose Red gets a new job and a nasty boss. Her boss proudly proclaims his idea that women are responsible for every economic crisis the world has seen, due to their mass presence in the labor market. They supersede men (Robert Merle's utopia). The boss of the company, who himself is a subordinate, demands more and more from the girl. He even allows himself to be way too personal and harassing, so the fragile secretary turns into a raging peril. The result is a broken laptop and a dead body. The film shows a grotesque image of the vanishing yuppie generation and the secretary as a post or profession. All we have today are bosses, personal assistants and receptionists. The movie is about an urban legend of our fast-paced world, with lots of humor and quotes on society.


Making of

Blood and High Heels Short film
producer Peter Deak, Bela Szabo
production company SYSPLEX Film & Dotkom Media
Camera SYSPLEX Media
Post-Production SYSPLEX Media
type short film
running time 30 mins
languages English
Cast/Crew Name
director David Geczy
D.o.P. Daniel Farkas
editor Attila Lecza
starring Sonja Couling, Ivan Kamaras
music composer Marton Vojnits