Choice – 3D short film

An epic fiction about the women’s decision process. They know the secret: „You always have a choice. Even if the decision has been made.” SYSPLEX Film and SPARKS proudly presents Choice, the first Hungarian 3D short movie which was shot with professional industrial stereoscopic instruments.


Making of

Choice  3D Short film
producer Peter Deak
production company SYSPLEX Film & Sparks
Camera SYSPLEX Media
Post-Production SYSPLEX Media
type 3D short film
running time 15 mins
languages English
Cast/Crew Name
director Krisztian Koves
D.o.P. Balazs Doboczi H.S.C.
editor Adam Fiers
starring Ivie Wentworth , Tamas Lengyel
music composer Arthur Valentin Grosz