Lovemakers – 3D romantic comedy

Theatrical feature; 3D Romantic Comedy. LOVEMAKERS is a quirky romantic comedy full of Shakespearean mistaken identities and over the top situations. LOVEMAKERS, a financially strapped dating agency in Budapest, is retained by a questionable Russian oligarch. Their lucrative assignment is to make Jake Griffin, a young Hollywood movie star, filming in Budapest, fall in love with the Russian businessman's depressed, high-maintenance younger sister. Successful completion of the assignment by LOVEMAKERS would end the agency's financial woes, but failure could end their life.

Stills from the film

Making of

Lovemakers 3D Feature Film
producer Tamas Sas, Thomas Conigliaro, Peter Deak, Rea Pusztai, Krisztina Endrenyi, Judit Cernai, Peter Engert, Agnes Fernandes
production company S.O.S Merchandising, Eastlake Films, Mirage Quest MEdia,SYSPLEX Film, Imagicom Productions
Camera (3D) SYSPLEX Media
Post-Production Focus Fox
type Theatrical feature film; romandtic comedy
running time 100 mins
languages English
Cast/Crew Name
director Tamas Sas
D.o.P. Marton Miklauzic H.S.C.
satting Daryl Hannah, Billy Zane, C.J. Thomason, Christine Kelly, Evgeniy Stychkin, Ferenc Hujbert
Attila Arpa, Gabor Hever
music composer Aaron Symonds