"The author of Osama is young, ambitious, skilled and original. Osama is an ingenious inversion of modern history: Osama bin Laden is the central character in a string of pulp novels allegedly written by one Mike Longschott. The terrorist crimes exist, in this novel, in a different realm...excellent, evocative and atmospheric." - Award-winning novelist and author of The Prestige Christopher Priest


Osama Book trailer
client Ad-Astra
producer Peter Deak
production company SYSPLEX Film
Camera SYSPLEX Media
Post-Production SYSPLEX Media
type book trailer
running time 3:10 mins
languages Hungarian
Cast/Crew Name
director Krisztian Köves
D.o.P. Balazs Doboczi H.S.C.
writer Lavie Tidhar (Book)
starring Tamas Lengyel, Fernanda Dorogi, Alexandra Nagy
music composer Arthur Valentine Grosz