Split Perfect

Short film. Two couples split up the very same night, in the very same bar, to the film noir mood set by the smooth jazz. Adam leaves the woman of his life, while Eve leaves the man of her life and they both cite the same reasons. Word for word.


Split Perfect Short film
producer Janos Eros, Peter Deak, Judit Romwalter , Balas Juszt
production company Beacon & SYSPLEX Film & Strongfilms & SPARKS
Camera SYSPLEX Media
Post-Production SYSPLEX Media
type short film
running time 15 mins
languages Hungarian
Cast/Crew Name
director Balazs Juszt
D.o.P. Balazs Doboczi H.S.C.
writer Balazs Juszt
starring Mate Haumann , Kata Dobo, Attila Arpa, Titania Valentin