Throbbing Stones- feature film

Theatrical feature; comedy. Got wide movie release in Hungary. Short story: Patrik and Felix are childhood friends and when they lives meet a strong downhill they decide to overcome their financial obstacles on a rather illegal way. They decide to steal a multi-million-dollar-worthy software from Felix's workplace for which they need some help of their closest friends as well: along with a hacker, a chip-n-dale dancer and a pretty girlfriend they make up a not too detailed plan about the wheres and hows of the software robbery. Things though don't go the way they imagined and when the project fails they end up in an even bigger trouble than what they started from...

Stills from the film

Making of

Throbbing Stones Feature Film
producer David Timar, Peter Deak, Csaba Martin
production company Drastique Pictures, SYSPLEX Film
Camera SYSPLEX Media
Post-Production SYSPLEX Media
type Theatrical feature film; comedy
running time 105 mins
languages Hungarian
Cast/Crew Name
director Csaba Martin
D.o.P. Zoltan Mayer
production manager Zsolt Kukucska
satting Csaba Pindroch, Csaba Martin, Kala Czupi
music composer Attila Vajk Molnar