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    Black Soup – heist-comedy

    Feature film, heist-comedy
    After a long night, Dj Feaky D loses a large sum of money on poker. When an old friend offers a “great opportunity of easy money”, he calls up on his buddies locked away in a mental institution.

  • Poster_A4_1280P_

    The Chronicler – TV Series trailer

    TV Series, Action-Thriller
    History is written by the winners. The Chroniclers write the truth.

    Álmos is a member of the secret Chronicler Order dating back to Egyptian times. They are the chosen ones who record the true history of mankind in a rather unconventional way. For thousands of years they have been born without eyes, yet they are capable of seeing people’s memories via touch. . Through this ability, they can access information that the writers of history and the consumers of directed news can not: the TRUTH. Together with his guardian angel, a criminal punk-rock chick, Álmos must uncover the reason behind a murder in his own Order, which will lead mankind to its most frightening discovery:
 “The end of the world has already begun.”

  • lovemakers-still_001

    Lovemakers – 3D romantic comedy

    Theatrical feature; The first hungarian thriller! Got wide movie release in Hungary.

  • Halálkeringő, Death Waltz

    Death Waltz – feature film, thriller

    Theatrical feature; The first hungarian thriller! Got wide movie release in Hungary.

  • Dobogó Kövek

    Throbbing Stones- feature film

    Theatrical feature; comedy. Got wide movie release in Hungary.

    Short story: Patrik and Felix are childhood friends and when they lives meet a strong downhill they decide to overcome their financial obstacles on a rather illegal way. They decide to steal a multi-million-dollar-worthy software from Felix’s workplace for which they need some help of their closest friends as well: along with a hacker, a chip-n-dale dancer and a pretty girlfriend they make up a not too detailed plan about the wheres and hows of the software robbery. Things though don’t go the way they imagined and when the project fails they end up in an even bigger trouble than what they started from…