Low cost, high expertise

Whether it’s a feature film, a commercial spot or a documentary, Sysplex offers full production management for foreign projects filmed in Hungary, and also complete film post production.


10 reasons why it is worth shooting in Hungary!


production serviceThrough our relations and experience, the worldwide known advantages of filming in Hungary are available for our Partners. Be a member of the many movies having achieved outstanding results (in critical and ROI aspects) while filming in Hungary.

The background provided by Sysplex ensures seamless conduct to even the most complex shooting structures, while our colleagues’ innovative and creative expertise add excellent value from the beginning till the end of the shooting.

Productions we are in partnership with can make their films with transparent and clear budgeting, thereby film production is safe all the time. Our aim is that our Partners understand the processes they face from the start.


Beside conduct, Sysplex Film may also take a co-production role of international film projects.

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