Sysplex Group offers complex solutions in the field of commercials and commercial development:

  • we work with high-routine, award-winner experts (4 Goldeneye Awards);
  • we use professional technology which guarantees cinema quality (RED EPIC cameras, the only professional 3D camera system in Hungary, Assimilate Scratch grading system);
  • international festival appearances and awards: (Los Angeles Short Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner, Kingston NY Film Festival, Catalina Film Festival California, ÉCU European Independent Film Festival, Cinfefest)

About commercial films

SONY NEX 5-RCreative and effective commercial films not only address, but also guide the people through their consumer decisions. Due to its detailed planning and design, a good commercial film is capable of effectively pass your company message to the potencial customers, therefore it is one of the most efficient means of advertising in the aspect of ROI figures.

If you are interested in why it is worth making a commercial film, please read our efficiency analysis through a case study. Click here.

If needed, Sysplex conducts the making of your commercial all the way through, so that the result will be a high-quality film with favorable and affordable prices.

Steps of making a commercial film

1. Creating the concept (1-2 weeks depending on the complexity)

This step does not apply in case of ready concept. However, if needed, our well-prepared, experienced copywriters and advertising experts are happy to help your company find your own tone, concept and filming style. Our colleagues develop concepts based on the given criteria, fitting into your profile, which take the following into account:

  • target group of your company
  • aim of making a commercial film
  • message linked to the product or service
  • the given cost limit

If needed, we develop the ready concept together with your co-workers, always show the best ideas within a spectacular presentation, so your company may choose the most suitable commercial film plans.

 2. Shooting preparations (1-2 weeks depending on the complexity)

During preparation our team complete the following tasks:

  • casting (and presenting it to the Client)
  • location scouting (and presenting it to the Client)
  • acquiring the necessary props, set construction if needed
  • compiling production plan (crew, necessary filming technical equipment)

Don’t forget: In all cases, Sysplex fulfills its duties in agreement with the Client, in line with the aims set forth, therefore you will never feel for even a moment that a result is accomplished as opposed to your desired aims.

 3. Shooting (number of days depends on the nature of the commercial)

10-50 experts work at a shooting with Sysplex, the footages are recorded based exactly on the previously accepted script, strictly keeping the production plan, however flexibly if needed.

4. Post-production (1-4 weeks depending on the complexity)

Our colleages compile the final film through a quite complicated, but easy-to-follow process, using the raw material recorded during the shooting:

  • editing
  • sound mixing, narration
  • image post-production: color grading, visual effects


The cost of a commercial film is defined on a wide scale, influenced by several factors; in general, 1-20 million HUF is needed.

What are the factors that influence the budget of a commercial?

  • number of shooting days
  • size of the crew required
  • number of locations and participants (i.e. actors, extras, stunts)
  • type and amount of technical equipment required
  • complexity of post-production (e.g. complicated visual effects)

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